Omagh Hospital Complex

Today has seen the announcement of two major infrastructure projects for Omagh town and the greater Omagh area. Omagh Chamber were privileged to a presentation by Michael McCrossan, project lead, who briefed the monthly meeting, in some depth, as to the extent of the new hospital to be located a green field site just past the old T&F hospital facility on the Donaghanie Rd. The Chamber broadly welcomed the news and thanked Michael for his very informative presentation.

Direct from his visit to Stormont, Gerard O’Hanlon OCCI lobbyist, and former President, had also delivered great news with confirmation of the revised A5 corridor project was due to proceed in September 2012.

Both these projects represent the fruition of tireless lobbying on behalf of the Chamber over the last number of years and congratulations were extended to Pat Doherty (DRD) and Conor Louhrey (DRD) for their work in re-drafting proposals to ensure work could begin on the A5 WTC. Both these projects represent a combined spend of £465m and will undoubted stimulate the local economy in the short and long term. The Chamber welcomed these developments as positive for the local economy securing jobs and ensuring local businesses will also benefit.

Click here for a download update of the hospital services.

The new Omagh Hospital Complex will be located approximately 1.5 miles from Omagh town centre, on the site of the existing Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital. Developed using a concept similar to a ’Health Village’, the Omagh Complex will consolidate services on one site, enable integrated working among health professionals and link effectively to regional and national healthcare networks. The required 50 acres identified for the new development lies within an area of approximately 100 acres on the historic Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital site.

This large site offers much flexibility for design options and scope for therapeutic use of open spaces. The design of the new Omagh Hospital will maximise patient views onto the scenic Camowen River. Phase 1 of the Omagh Hospital Complex includes the Enhanced Local Hospital, Health and Care Centre and GP facilities and has an approximate construction capital cost of £75million. This investment of £75m together with the site, enabling works and design costs of approximately £30m represents an approved spend of £105m at the completion of Phase 1.

The new Enhanced Local Hospital will accommodate 90 beds providing intermediate care, cardiac assessment, renal services and day surgery, in addition to urgent care, treatment and diagnostic services. The Health & Care Centre (HCC) is integral to the building and is accessible from the main entrance and foyer. The Centre will enable primary care staff to offer an increased level of support to patients and provide more care to patients away from a traditional hospital setting and in their own homes. The HCC will be the focal point for multi-disciplinary team working and integrate primary care staff with hospital and community health professionals. Further phases are planned which will include, Mental Health and Learning Disability provision, ambulance station and office accommodation.

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