Lisanelly Education Campus

The Lisanelly Education Village proposal is a wonderful opportunity that no other town in the UK has. To have an integrated education facility such as this will create further opportunities for the town centre that must be well thought out to maximise this unique opportunity for the future development of the town. The Chamber has spent the past few years in the background pressing and lobbying for this unique proposition to proceed. The opportunity to get a brand new built for purpose modern post-primary schools estate for all the schools in Omagh, will give a huge advantage to the provision of education in the district area.By sharing resources these schools can become centres of excellence with the best possible IT, science support facilities, language courses and wide ranging curriculum available.

With the relocation of the schools to the Lisanelly campus, this opens up prime sites in the town centre area for development. This comes back to maintaining a vibrant town centre that has been a key element of the work of the Chamber since its inception. The release of the education grounds within the town centre boundaries can only be good for Omagh to grow as a strong retail and business hub in the west of the province. The new South West College brought state-of-the-art education to Omagh, offering local students first class facilities. With the new ethos of educating people to work and engage local businesses to become partners with the College can only be good for the town in the future. The College is excellent at engaging with businesses to gauge the supply and demand necessary for what is needed in vocational areas such as road construction, which will be very important with the development of the A5 in the coming years. The Chamber will strive to help the local education sector adapt to provide education and training to meet the needs of local employers for the future.

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