Inward Investment

It is an exciting time for business development in Omagh with a number of competing multi-million pound inward investment proposals currently awaiting planning permission. These have the potential to create thousands of jobs and give the local economy a huge boost not just in the coming years but for generations to come. However, at the heart of these proposals must be what is best for Omagh as a whole for the sustained future. All inward investment has to be welcomed as long as it is going to enhance the area and not have a detrimental impact on the town centre and the existing business structures that already exist. It is preferable to get a good balance of investment to ensure town centre vibrancy, counter balancing any edge of town developments. In the present economic climate it is pleasing to see so many developers looking to invest in Omagh. It is not just luck that there is competition to secure sites and planning for a range of developments in the town.

If it was only one or two consortia, you may think they are taking a risk, but to be getting three, four, five developers competing to be the first to secure planning to commence work and create employment locally is proof Omagh is an attractive and viable location for inward investment. There is a buzz of interest and it is clear investors see Omagh as a great place to invest with a prosperous future ahead. These are not just pipe dreams as some of these developments have already started construction. The companies behind these proposals have been spending considerable amounts of money researching and investigating the potential for development in Omagh and it is clear from these studies, Omagh and its people are a very feasible proposition. These companies do not gamble millions of pounds on a site and proposal that might work. It is a very well informed risk they are taking and bodes well for the next decade in Omagh. These extensive proposals will only help boost Omagh’s standing and create further interest in the years to come. ten best laser cutter.