New hotels, business premises, an education village, transport and pedestrian improvements are just some of the major developments earmarked to transform Omagh in the coming years. Much good work has been done for Omagh, people are well disposed towards the region but this momentum must be kept up. Omagh is a good community town and it will be nice to see Omagh fulfil its County Town status with a vibrant town centre. In these challenging times it is important that Omagh Chamber of Commerce and Industry concentrates on important local issues and ensure that Omagh is fully prepared for the opportunities ahead. Many of the developments proposed for Omagh in the next decade are all interconnected and rely on each other for the future success and sustainability of a prosperous and vibrant town centre, with a thriving local economy.

As we talk about inward investment, education, the new Hospital and the A5 that these are seen as separate projects, but they are all inter-related. We must look to develop all these developments with equal vigour. By 2015, if all proposals discussed proceed, we will have a brand new roads network, the best educational campus in the UK if not Europe. We will have several new business parks, hotels, retail and leisure facilities. Omagh will be an attractive place to work and live, with a wide range of night time entertainment. With all areas catered for, many who previously moved away from the town in search of employment will be attracted home to avail of what an Omagh of the future can offer. granite quartzite kitchen countertops montgomery.