Health Services

The immediate development of the new £190 million Omagh Area Hospital is a priority for the Chamber. The hospital is a vital piece of infrastructure for the economic growth of the town. We have been in regular contact with the Health Minister and the Developing Better Services team who keep us well informed of how the new hospital plan for Omagh is progressing.

The Developing Better Services team are local people and they really do have the best interests of Omagh at heart, given the constraints of the Department of Health and the health budget. They are doing the best they can do, and should be helped and supported in any way possible to provide the people of Omagh with the best possible health service for generations to come.

There has been recent concern with no specific timeline being given since construction for the new £190 million Omagh Area Hospital was delayed due to finance difficulties. This is an issue we as a Chamber will continue to press the Minister and his department on, as the development of the hospital is imperative for the safety of the Omagh community. The new hospital is a key piece of support infrastructure that is imperative if business is going to be attracted to the town. People living and working here want to know there families are going to be safe. It is also essential for capital projects such as the new hospital gets off the ground to provide a well needed boost to the local construction industry.