Get Ready For Timeline

Timeline, the new Facebook format for personal pages is due to be run out this month. It’s worth mentioning to OCCI members that if you want to retain your existing format you can, so long as your business is a business profile rather than a business on a personal page. The difference is this, if people ‘friend’ you it’s personal, if they ‘like’ you it’s a business profile.

This is important to know because running a business on a personal profile in violation of their terms of use and, if discovered, will be shut down. Given the length of time it takes to build your fans it’s something you should look into. It is possible to transfer your personal profile to a business profile and Push Design have an interesting leaflet on the subject [click here]. Timeline is not orientated towards business at present so consider resolving any issues with you Facebook sooner rather than later.

Contributed by OCCI Member Push Advertising & Design