Autumn Survey Results

The results are in!

The Chamber conducted a survey of its members across a range of businesses during October / November 2015. We were delighted with the results and would like to thank all who participated. We hope to run a similar survey again in April / May 2016. Any comments can be made to Dominic McCanny (Chair of the Lobbying Committee) –


Information in the tables is displayed by % of respondents and number of businesses.

Results of Autumn 2015 Survey - Final


What issues would you like Omagh Chamber to address or campaign for on behalf of the business community?

  • The understanding of the absolute necessity for proper signage for businesses situated rural – of the main road.
  • Offer advanced marketing and up selling workshops that we can access in order to drive small everyday additional sales that can really make a difference to a business bottom line.
  • Apprenticeships available locally which bring you people who want to learn skills rather than people who have been forced to attend them just to keep the numbers of the job seekers down.
  • We get nothing for our rates not even a bin emptied. Therefore Reduced Rates
  • An awareness for disabled access onto the premises and to see what schemes are available to retails who are willing to make improvements.
  • Town Car Parking And Rates Reduction
  • Rates
  • access to finance to sole-traders that have less than perfect credit ratings
  • Rates, street cleaning, parking
  • I think a lot of main issues are being addressed very well to date by Omagh chamber
  • Stop the local council interfering with local business of which it has little to no understanding
  • Promotion of town centre.
  • Shop local this Christmas.
  • Support local businesses, rather than multi nationals.
  • Local development plan for Fermanagh/Omagh should be business friendly.
  • Continue with A5 campaign & foster new ideas for local networking – all about relationships!
  • Information about Grants etc.
  • The A5
  • Rates
  • Ensuring voluntary community sector remain rates exempt
  • Staying in EU
  • Infrastructure
  • Education campus
  • Plan for Omagh and redeveloping vacant properties etc.
  • Car parking – town centre
  • Lobbying, creating / attracting high quality employment, broadband / ICT etc.
  • Flood issues
  • A5 completion
  • Continued access to public representatives.
  • Reduction in amount of bureaucracy in planning applications.
  • Speedier Broadband
  • Car parking in Omagh town centre.
  • Would like to see the A5 to go ahead.
  • Need more free car parking in town centre.
  • Need banks to free up loans for small businesses.
  • I would like to see more support for the local creative industry. I have attended a few chamber meetings and have felt excluded and have never returned.
  • Rates Car Parking
  • For the Council to take proactive steps to increase a better business environment. They really need to take a look at their services and start to privatise a lot of what they do – refuse collection being one and the provision of leisure.