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Strathroy Dairy Ltd.

Strathroy Dairy Ltd

Member: Strathroy Dairy Ltd

Position: Director

Telephone: 028 8224 0948

Address: Shergrim, Omagh, Co.Tyrone, Northern Ireland
Unit 26, Stadium Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 11


Strathroy Dairy Ltd is Ireland’s oldest family owned dairy business, based in Omagh, Co. Tyrone, the farming heartland of Northern Ireland. The Cunningham family have been in the dairy business for over 150 years, but it has been in the last thirty years that the company has expanded beyond recognition, forcing a new plant to be built some eighteen years ago to facilitate such growth. When the new dairy first opened it’s doors, there were 30 employees, today Strathroy is the largest liquid milk processor in Northern Ireland, processing some 300,000 litres per day, with over 100 staff.

Strathroy are noted for their innovation in a very competitive market. They were the first dairy in Ireland to deliver milk in the plastic jar with which we are all so familiar today and recently relaunched their fresh cream in a resealable container which offers the consumer many benefits over traditional cream packaging. With the opening of their own blow moulding plant, on site in 2009, they are the only dairy in Northern Ireland producing their own jars, greatly reducing the carbon footprint associated with transporting container loads of plastic jars. Milk processing is subject to the most stringent of controls. From the intake of traceable milk to the delivery of temperature controlled finished product, every stage is HACCP controlled, earning Strathroy the approval of all statutory bodies.

Strathroy also strive to provide local farmers with the fairest prices available for their produce in these particularly difficult times for the farming industry.

Strathroy possess the only truely all – Ireland milk distribution network, with depots in Dublin, Limerick and Galway as well as the home base in Omagh. There is not a village or town in Ireland that they cannot service.

The company is BRC accredited. Eamon Cunningham is currently chairman of the board, with his son Patrick, managing director. The company’s customer base includes most of the major multiples and symbol groups, as well as food service and bulk business.

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