A5 Corridor Project

Omagh businesses are in line for a major boost when the new A5 dual carriageway is constructed. This £850 million investment in the west of the province is a key infrastructure project that will allow through traffic from Dublin to Derry to keep going and not congest the town. But also, with the three major junctions planned for around Omagh, it gives everyone good access to avail of the services here and has the potential to be a key stop off point on this journey as it will probably have the best connectivity along the entire route to Dublin.

The A5 by-pass will have a positive impact in helping to relieve congestion in the town and make Omagh a more appealing and relaxing destination for shoppers. The through-pass is at capacity at present, but when you remove the passing traffic from that, the town will become quite easy to negotiate and will become more accessible and welcoming as a shopping destination. This offers an opportunity to attract new industry to the town and Omagh has to be prepared to take full advantage.

Local companies are already bidding to gain a slice of an estimated 3,000 jobs, which are expected to be created during the course of both the preparation and construction of the new A5 route. The A5WTC project will leave a lasting legacy for future generations. This is an opportunity to improve safety and journey times on this key transport corridor and will consequently stimulate investment in the North West through development of vital links for business, trade and tourism. We have been talking about Omagh being a regional hub for a several years now and the A5 will help bring that to fruition and we have to be prepared for that. Coming out of the recession we will have a roads infrastructure in place, which will allow the town to grow and flourish and be able to compete on an even keel with the rest of the province. With the opening of the A5 corridor the northwest will be opened up and made more assessable for creating greater business connectivity.

Suddenly access to The International, The City, Derry and Dublin airports will all be less than two hours from Omagh. In Global investment terms to have four airports, as well as the various docks in Dublin, Belfast, Larne, Derry and Sligo are key elements for inward investment. Now with guaranteed, consistent travel times, no longer having to allow for time spent frustrated behind slow moving vehicles, business will become easier and travel will be much safer.