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The Adventure Team had several groups out ‘City Centre Treasure Hunting’ in Belfast last Christmas and it was a great way to engage in some team building (with a difference) as well as a good wind down before the Christmas break.  It is also a fun way to get people out and about in the City Centre.

We would love to promote these again in Omagh in the run up to Christmas and are keen to have chamber members involved. By involved, we mean that we would like to be able to direct our treasure hunt participants to local stores etc where photographs would be taken to answer clues which can then be uploaded to our various social media platforms which reach over 7000 followers, enabling promotions etc to be highlighted through us. In return, all we ask in return are some spot prizes (small token gifts or vouchers) from the businesses involved that we can give to participants as part of the treasure hunt experience.

We are keen to hear your thoughts and equally keen to meet with you if you have any additional ideas or indeed any concerns. See below for more information on the treasure hunt format and we have also attached a flyer and some photos from some previous hunts to give you a flavour of the experience for  participants and to see how businesses could get involved.

What is a Treasure Hunt?

During your Treasure Hunt participants will find a series of hidden items and locations via a series of clues, challenges and tasks.

Each Team competes against each other and the clock; scores are tallied at the end by viewing the digital photographs on a big screen.  Bonus points are awarded according to the “creativity” of the solution as well as on the safe return of “valuable” items.

Each Team is provided with a team pack including Top Secret Tools that will enable them to solve the puzzles, find new clues.  They will get to interact with the public as well as local businesses.

Highlights of the City Centre Treasure Hunt programme:

·         Teams compete against each other to find answers to clues or complete tasks throughout the city centre
·         Photographic evidence is used to evidence answers (and provide a great memento of the day)
·         Creative thinking
·         Presentation of all photos to the teams at the end of the hunt
·         Time and time again we are told that it was “the best craic we’ve had in a long time!”
·         Cost effective team building experience (only £20 per person)

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